Exclusive access to quality healthcare services
for you and your family.

Helping you get, stay and be well.

We’re here to change the way you experience healthcare – making it easier, more convenient and more affordable than ever. No more running around town for checkups or tests. No more scrambling for an appointment when you’re sick. Carpenters Center for Health can handle it and all services are free of charge to all members, retirees, and their dependents ages 2 and up.

Our providers are able to write prescriptions, perform physical exams, give vaccinations, check blood pressures, provide pregnancy tests and handle most of your routine healthcare needs. All in a comfortable, convenient and confidential setting. And while it is preferable to schedule an appointment, we also provide a wide range of preventive and acute health care services with the flexibility to provide same-day "non-scheduled" services if you have an urgent concern. 

The following services are provided:

  • Acute/Urgent Care

    • Common cold

    • Sinus infection and stuffy nose

    • Seasonal allergies

    • Minor surgical procedures

  • Population Health and Patient Education

    • Nutrition

    • Smoking cessation

    • Drug and alcohol awareness

  • Behavioral Health Counseling

  • Referral management

  • Primary Care Services

    • Annual physicals

    • Lipid profiles, blood glucose and blood pressure screenings

    • Flu shots, immunizations and vaccinations

    • School and sports physicals

    • Skin, breast and prostate cancer screenings

    • Allergy management

    • Wellness exams

  • Disease/Condition Management

    • Diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension

    • Asthma, COPD

    • Back pain, migraine, osteoarthritis

    • Depression, stress, obesity/overweight

    • Limited generic medications will be provided on site as
      part of your visit with the provider in support of condition management